The new SCC Ideas Blog and our 5 blogging commitments

Welcome to the SCC Ideas blog. We’re glad you’re here.

We know that there is far more content available online than anyone can ever possibly consume. Since you’ve chosen to spend a few minutes reading this post, you are open to hearing what we have to say, and we appreciate that.

However, before we go much further, we have something important to say.

We expect that you will stop reading our posts if we fail to live up to these 5 blogging commitments that will guide everything we post:
  1. Our blogs will be brief and to the point.
  2. Each will contain at least 1-2 highly useable insights.
  3. Our content will be relevant to business leaders.
  4. We will not sneak in a sales pitch.
  5. We will not self-promote.

These commitments are simple rules that we promise to live by.

Obviously, what makes content fundamentally insightful and interesting differs by person. We believe, however, that if commitments 1 through 3 are met, then there will be something for everyone to take away from each post. We will talk about trends, share statistics, highlight best practices, offer opinions, and start conversations that need to be started.

We will start regular blog posts next week. See you then, and welcome to SCC Ideas.