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Communication Through

InnovationTM | Digital & Print

Annual Reports |
Online & Print

We bring life to the stories that inform and fuel investor interest.

Your annual report not only tells the story of where you’ve been, but of where you’re going. Distinguishing your organization’s vision and strategy with energy, optimism and clarity is a powerful tool for driving interest in the capital markets. For nearly 30 years, SCC has earned the trust of CEOs, Boards and IR professionals as experts in impactful investor communications.

Across mobile and desktop platforms, and in print, SCC combines cutting-edge tools and strategies, and award-winning design talent, to amplify your organization’s story with clarity and context. We do this with an obsessive focus on service, accuracy and helping you dig deeper for messages that resonate. Then, we make it all come to life in a way you never thought possible.

Let SCC help transform your annual report into a powerful competitive advantage.

Sustainability Reports |
Online & Print

Transparency about the things you do right isn’t boastful. It’s about leadership.

More than ever, the spotlight is on companies to exhibit leadership and transparency on their relationship with the environment and community, and demonstrate responsibility and compliance to legislation and evolving social expectations. An absence of communication on these critical issues risks putting others in control of your organization’s message.

SCC believes that Sustainability Reporting is an essential responsibility of companies both public and private. Organizations must own their message, raise the bar, and both enhance and protect its brand in front of every stakeholder – investors, customers, employees, advocacy groups, media, and more.

SCC applies a best practices approach to Sustainable Reporting by building live, web-based platforms for communication that deliver the facts with powerful imagery, impactful videos, data visualization tools, and customized and downloadable PDFs that present content precisely how your organization wants it to be presented.

We have solutions for organizations of every size and industry. Let’s begin with yours.

Investor Websites & Communications

End-to-end solutions with tools that simplify and reduce annual costs.

Communicating with investors, analysts, media and others is a 24/7 responsibility. For 2 decades, SCC has delivered innovative investor websites that align regulatory obligations with powerful branding and unique tools such as SCC’s Data My WayTM and the Dynamic Print Generator™ that save organizations thousands of dollars annually. SCC uses the enterprise-grade platform of Microsoft .NET to create robust and secure sites, and provides customers with a simplified content management system (CMS) for content maintenance.

SCC is unlike other volume-drive investor website developers who shift the burden of visual design onto the customer, and charge premium monthly fees for sites lacking any real innovation. SCC believes that customers care most about quality, expert advisory, value, and access to a full-service solution that can enable communications excellence.


  • A brand-adherent visual design created by SCC’s award-winning design team
  • A “build once” annual report using SCC’s CMS and the Dynamic Print GeneratorTM
  • An “any screen” browsing experience where information conforms to the device of the visitor
  • Innovative technology to support website accessibility standards
  • Automation of SEDAR data posting and information delivery to your site
  • A full-featured event calendar and proprietary e-mail communication tools
  • Powerful data visualization and customized reporting capabilities
  • Tools for information sharing to social platforms
  • Performance analytics with an optional service of interpretation and performance improvement

Corporate & Organizational Websites

An online presence to power the achievement of business outcomes.

Some companies and organizations consider their website to be an inconvenient necessity, or simply an “online brochure”. This is evident by out of date content, an uninspiring design, weak messaging, and little thought to how to convert visitors into prospects or engaged stakeholders.

SCC believes that corporate and organizational websites should never stop evolving. They must be built to support the achievement goals (or outcomes) critical to positive performance – it does not matter the industry, size of company, or organizational status (profit, not-for-profit or government).

SCC brings nearly 30 years’ of experience amplifying an organization’s message, and two decades of innovative online website development. We work with leadership, marketing and communications teams to identify the outcomes that lead to positive results, and create an aligned online strategy that helps make it happen. As part of a service package to host and maintain your website, SCC will regularly interpret analytics, offer strategies for improvement, and provide options for enhancement that will protect your initial investment.

A website that connects to your organizational goals starts here.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Equip your company with powerful tools and technology that never go out of date.

Successful organizations are masterful at presenting and promoting their products, services and value proposition. This can’t be done without the communications and marketing assets needed to help put their best foot forward. Ask yourself this: what is the opportunity cost for your organization not having the very best sales and marketing tools available?

Many organizations struggle to build and maintain sales and marketing tools that are current, relevant and impactful. Traditional printed collateral will always have its place, but suffers from being out-of-date as soon as it goes to print. Imagine having all your sales and marketing tools current and printable when needed, and produced by a company with 30 years’ of experience helping companies communicate better.

SCC’s approach to helping customers solve their challenge for building impactful sales and marketing tools is at the essence of what we call Communication Through Innovation™. Aided by years of design, communications and marketing expertise, and with tools such as SCC’s Dynamic Print Generator™ technology, we provide solutions for creating always current, always live and always cost-effective online and printed collateral.

Seeing is believing. Let’s get in touch and allow SCC to show you how to transform your sales, marketing and any other communication collateral.

Branding & Strategy Development

People choose brands they recognize and trust.

A successful brand is proven to be an important strategic advantage and creator of value. Since its inception, SCC has helped elevate the brands of many companies to new heights. We do this by working with clients to identify essential elements of their brand DNA – culture, strategy, value proposition, customer experience and service promise – and then help improve their appearance and message to the market. SCC’s portfolio includes hundreds of companies of every size, across all industry sectors, with budgets that are large and small.

SCC’s approach is oriented towards identifying and addressing the opportunities that matter most. We can work on your organization’s entire look, feel and message. Or, we can tackle something smaller but equally important – a project or product launch, a business segment that is underperforming, or support for entry into a new market. Our service is flexible, responsive and is tailored to achieve a positive outcome.

Let SCC help your brand look, feel and sound better than ever.